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In my second month in ministry in New York, Andy Mead, the Rector at St. Thomas Church, my neighbor just down the block, invited me to lunch.  He asked me how it was going.  I told him.

Lowering his club sandwich, Andy took pity on me.  “Scott, do you want to know how to survive as a pastor in New York?”

“Yes,” I gasped, desperate for anyone who could make sense of ministry in this light-speed fast, post-Christian, spiritually-eclectic city.

“Well,” he replied, “then I have two pieces of advice for you:  1) Get enough sleep, and 2) be sharp about your prayers.”

It’s become my mantra.

When I decided to try my hand at writing about faith and the city, I could think of no better blog title than “Sharp About Your Prayers.” It works for me on a couple of levels.

First, prayer is my lifeline here.  I’d have run away from this glitzy, grimy, challenging place, if it weren’t for the tethering effect of prayer.

Second, living in New York constantly prods me to think about “sharp” prayers; prayers that have a bit of an edge to them; prayers that are honest, lyrical, playful and radically expectant.  I am looking for these prayers.  I want to post them here.  I want to pray them…

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