Sharp About Your Prayers

the challenges, absurdities, and joys of an urban faith

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About SBJ

I am a husband, a dad, a friend, a presbyterian pastor, a comic book reader, and a fan of almost any sport that involves a ball.

I am a New Yorker, one of the teeming, type-A masses.  Although I also have a soft spot in my heart for the rythmns and people of: Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; and Duluth, Minnesota.

I like red wine and dark beer, and am constantly in search of the world’s best pizza. So, yes, I need to lose forty pounds. I read a lot. My laugh is too loud.

I am into reformed theology, parables, psalms… and, of course, “sharp” prayers!  I am on the look-out for God and good conversation.  Let me know whenever you spot them.

I have one super power.  If I come to see you in the hospital, you WILL get a visit from your physician while I am there.  Your doctor will then proceed to describe (in incredible detail) the procedure that has just been done to you.  Did I mention that I am squeamish?

Actually, if I were a superhero (and who doesn’t like to dream about that?), my arch enemy would be a combination of Pat Robertson and Richard Dawkins.  Yep, the thought gives me nightmares too.

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