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Jesus and the Ballot Box

June 8th, 2012 · No Comments · Faith and the City

I have a question for you: Would Jesus vote? Would our Lord cast a ballot?

We all know that the United States has an important election coming up this fall. Already, it is impossible to pass a waking hour without seeing a news story or hearing a conversation about the Presidential contest five months away. We are being told, as always, “The stakes are high!”

That’s why I have been wondering: Would Jesus vote?

It is a difficult question to answer. It is difficult, because Jesus didn’t have a choice. He lived in a society controlled by a foreign power. He had no civil rights. While the Roman Empire practiced a form of early democracy, Jesus was not a citizen. He and his family were taxed, but they could not pull a lever for their candidate of choice.

In other words, this question propels us into the realm of pure conjecture.

Of course, that’s never stopped politicians and pundits. From the fourth century on, political figures have eagerly invoked Jesus’ name and boldly suggested that they would have our Lord’s endorsement.

I guess we all want Jesus to vote the way we would vote.

This Sunday, we are going to be talking about faith and our politics. Bring your opinions, your politics, and — while you are at it — bring a friend!

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